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Virtual Exhibition Platform Designed For Organisers

Fully Customisable 3D Stands
Networking, Swapping Cards
Video Conferencing / Video Breakout Rooms
Visitor Analytics / Exhibitor Stats
Chat Feature
Live Seminars
Connecting Exhibitors with Visitors
Promotion of new products

AloExpo Virtual Exhibition Platform is an Immersive Experience which captivates audiences with a realistic 3D environment replicating a real exhibition, other Exhibition Platforms you may have seen are glorified Websites flat 2d nothing inspiring for the visitor not much more than clicking on a site from any www page.

AloExpo main objective is to bring the exhibition experience to the user by keeping them visually inspired and create memories making business connections and visitors gaining opportunities from the platform.

The platform allows visitors to walk around a virtual 3d space, getting immersed as you would in a real exhibition, opportunities to look at different stands and the products being offered by the exhibitor, if you like a product, have a chat via a message or setup a live video call with the exhibitor right away, that is the exhibition experience, connect businesses with potential buyers.


Virtual Exhibtion Hall

Visitors can walk around a Virtual 3D Environment with a total Immersive Experience


Network Rooms

Dedicated Topic Based Networking rooms for visitors to talk to each other.


Seminar Rooms

Run live and pre-recorded Seminars with Live Speakers and supporting Q&A sessions from the Audience


Video Conferencing

Visitors can connect with Exhibitors with Live Video Calls


Advanced Stats

Organiser and Exhibitor Panels, with Analytical Stats covering the Exhibition


Card Swapping

Swap Business Cards with Visitors and Vice Versa, generating clients directly from the Platform.

Custom Exhibition Stands

The easiest and fastest way to customise your Virtual Stand

The Exhibitor can customise their Virtual Stands alongside:

Picking Design of their Stand
Adding Promo Videos
Adding Promo Posters
Adding Products
Setup Business Profiles

The Best

Virtual Exhibition Platform in the Market

When you see the Alo Expo Demo, within 30 seconds you will see how much better the Alo Expo Platform is compared to our competitors, We offer the Immersive Virtual Experience, the next best thing to actually being at the Real Exhibition.

Marketing Revenue Opportunities

Multiple Advertisement Revenues for Exhibition Organisers

AloExpo Virtual Exhibition Platform offer many opportunities for Event Organisers to sell Advertisement Spaces throughout the Environement, similarly to a conventional Exhibition.

Promo Posters
Banner Advertisment
Promo Videos
Pillar Adverts
Floor Graphics
Sponsoring Elements

Get in touch to see the AloExpo Virtual Exhibition Platform demo.

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Custom Solution To Meet Your Needs

Customise your Virtual Expo Platform

Annual licenses and single event options

Full Project Manager support including training and onboarding

Immersive 3d Environements

iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS Compatible Native Platform Softwares

Custom visitor registration

Online Portal for Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors

Custom Seminar solutions


AloExpo VR Pro

AloExpo VR Pro

AloExpo VR Pro is now Compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. Oculus Quest is a virtual reality system that fully immerses you. AloExpo with Oculus truly gives you the Best Virtual Immersive Exhibtion Experience, the next best thing to actually being there, Full Immersive Virtual Platform for Event Organisers.

Watch Cinema Size Screen Video Presentations and Seminars.